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Rahul Gandhi on Karnataka assembly Election 2018

Karnataka assembly Election 2018: Congress president Rahul Gandhi, in his first public address since the results of the Karnataka assembly elections 2018 were declared Tuesday, said there was an atmosphere of fear in the country. Saying that the Constitution is under severe attack in the country, Gandhi also said the BJP and the RSS are capturing every democratic institution in the country.

Rahul Gandhi said – The BJP is killing all Institutions

Referring to the recent happening in Karnataka assembly elections 2018, the Congress president Rahul Gandhi, who was speaking in Chhattisgarh capital Raipur, went on to say that such thing “happens in countries like Pakistan”. He also accused the BJP of corruption, saying that India is not a poor country but that its money is circulated to select few people. Talking in Chhattisgarh capital Raipur, Gandhi alleged that the RSS is tearing into all institutions in the country. “The BJP is killing all institutions,” Rahul Gandhi said.

Congress Agenda for the 2019 General Election

Talking about the Congress’ agenda for the 2019 general elections, Gandhi said the party will put in resources in the public education sector, strengthen health facilities and generate employment.

Amid a high drama last night, when the Supreme Court held a special midnight hearing on a plea filed by the Congress party against BJP’s Yeddyurappa taking oath as CM, the apex court allowed the ceremony to take place while keeping May 18 as the date for the next hearing on the matter.

Rahul Gandhi was speaking at a Panchayati Raj function with representatives from across states. He has two more rallies today, on in Surajpur and another in Kotmi, which will possibly be more focused on Chhattisgarh, with elections six months away.

Yeddyurappa took oath as chief minister of Karnataka in Bengaluru this morning in the presence of the state Governor. The floor test is scheduled to take place a fortnight from now.


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