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Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration 2018 in Mumbai, India

I am feeling so glad and happy to pen down one of my favorite festival, Ganesh Chaturthi Celebration 2018. It is also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi. It is the biggest festival in Hinduism. Whole year we wait for lord Ganesh to arrive so that we can celebrate this festival with full fun and enjoyment. This is a ten day festival,  Some celebrate till Gauri visarjan. This festival comes in the Hindu month of Bhadrapada. In this festival most the family bring home lord Ganesha clay idols to worship and also celebrated publicly in residential societies in pandals.

Ganesh Chaturthi 2018

It is celebrated as the birth anniversary of lord Ganesha, were each one of them in Mumbai celebrate. Even non Hindus celebrate this fest with full belief. Lord Ganesh is preached as he eliminate all the obstacle from one’s life. He is one of the god who is loved and worshiped by all, from small too big. Mumbaikars celebrate this fest in with full enthusiasm. They get that spiritual energy automatically to enjoy and worship with full devotion. The spirit of Mumbaikars during this fest in incredible. No other city can beat the sprit and celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi of Mumbai.

Why Ganesh Chaturthi is famous in Mumbai?

Ganesh Chaturthi is famous for its massive procession, when lord Ganesh arrives and when they go for immersion. For this fest, the organization starts one before. This fest is enjoyed by all, but mainly by kids and children. As some of the schools have holiday to celebrate this fest. Kids and children enjoy the Prasad. It is really true that even we as an adult enjoy and feel happy when lord Ganesha arrives. There is a different spark in the eyes of the god. When the lord comes everyone feel, that now all my worries will vanish, and I will have a good life. When the lord is arrived everyone do pooja and pray him to remove all the obstacle from one’s life.

Children pray for good marks, adults for getting good job, everyone has their own demands and issues which they share with the lord and believe he will help him. If go back to the history of celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi , then you will come to know that it was initiated by Maratha ruler Shivaji to promote the hindu culture. It was also promoted by Lokmanay Tilak, he use celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi and conduct meetings were he use to make strategies against britishers. So this is the festival were all come together and celebrate and plan things.

Why People of Mumbai is famous for Ganpati Celebration (Ganesh Chaturthi)?

If we talk about Mumbai, this is the place were Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated in large scale. The famous Ganpati in Mumbai is Lal Bague cha raja. This is the most famous and loved and believed Ganpati in Mumbai. People go mad just to have a gleams of the idol. It is believed that if we wish something and if the lord thinks he should full fill the wish he does.

He is also famous god who fulfill wishes. To see him and worship him there is long queue. This queue starts one night before the God arrives and is continued for ten days day and night. The area were this God resides is lighten for whole night. If you go there and see in night you will see that people over their do not sleep for ten day, in the night also there is a day feeling.

This is really and truly amazing fest. Everyone is just happy and having fun. It is truly said that Lord Ganesha brings happiness with him. This fest is something which cannot be describe in word, you have to enjoy and feel the presence of the lord. During this religious festivals it is felt as if some elder of the family has come and is spending time with us. As I mentioned it cannot be describe.

This is to be truly cherished as each one Mumbaikar does. Every day and in evening aarti is performed with music like dhol and tasha. It is so melodies and feel like peace. If you listen to the aarti of Lal bauge cha raja, I am sure you will definitely get goose bumps, because it is so spiritual.

This fest is also hugely celebrated in film industry of Mumbai. Most of the actors bring Ganesh idol in their house and worship. Ganesh caturthi is a fest which is celebrated by rich and poor. As god is for everyone and worshiped by everyone. This fest is celebrated in large scale. The whole city is decorated with flowers, lights and different types of decoration. Different types of sweets are distributed as Prasad. The favorite sweet of Lord Ganesha is ladoo and modak. So most of the time Prasad is kept as modak and ladoo.Children enjoys the Prasad most.

Beliefs Behind the Celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi.

On the tenth day, it is the time of immersion of lord Ganesha. It is believed that God returns to his home the heavenly adobe after ten days. So there is a huge procession with music and dance. This ritual is known as visarjan. This is the day when most of the people have tears in their eyes. How the ten days are spent with Lord Ganesha is unexplainable. Every one prays to lord Ganesha to come next year soon.

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