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Advance Health Care Directive for Same-Sex Couples

Complete an Advance Health Care Directive for Same-Sex Couples

An advance health care directive, also known as an AHD, is a legal form that does many things in the event you’re incapacitated. Some of its most notable qualities are that it lets your doctor, family, and friends know the types of treatment you want in the event of severe illness or at the end of your life states whether or not you want to be an organ donor; and names the person who you want to make important healthcare decisions on your behalf.

Considering about your enhance healthcare directive is sufficient to make frequent estate planning search like a move in the park, but as a same-sex couple the is even more important than usual. Simply because your relationship is not yet as generally socially identified, or lawfully recognized, having and can give you serenity of thoughts that in your most insecure state, the person you have faith in most, such as your spouse/partner, can make choices for your care.

Why Advance Health Care Directive is so important?

An Advance Health Care Directive is a legally-binding document that states your wishes or directions regarding your future health care and medical treatment decisions.

If you become hospitalized without an AHD in place, your spouse/partner may not have any authority to make decisions on your behalf. That means, if you are incapacitated in a state that doesn’t recognize your relationship and you haven’t named your spouse/partner in an AHD, the state will decide who makes healthcare decisions for you. Often times it is your parents, child, or other blood relative. Unless that’s a person you would prefer to make those decisions for you, this can be a heartbreaking scenario.

Make sure you both plan ahead and you each understand what the other wants and complete an advance healthcare directive to that effect.

Create Your Will and Keep It Updated

A will can represent a lot of things to different people, and to gay couples one thing it can represent is empowerment. Take charge of your estate planning and get peace of mind.

No matter where you live or what anyone thinks of you or your relationship, you can have the final say in the distribution of your assets. Even if you are not married, in a registered domestic partnership, or in a civil union, your spouse can inherit from your estate as long as you’ve named them as a beneficiary.

Why is this so important?

Regardless of your current state of residence or how much value anyone else places on your relationship, creating a will allows your wishes to be known and honored in the event of your death. Don’t rely on your state, or other people, to honor your wishes and intentions after you die. Instead, protect your assets and your spouse. It’s easy enough to do with simple estate planning, like the creation of a will.

Although most aspects of creating a will are not difficult, it can seem like a lot to think about. You can make sure you don’t miss anything by following the will writing checklist. And, if you feel like you need additional guidance, it never hurts to consult an attorney about your specific situation.



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